Slide Room Extension and Retraction (by hwh)

  • Level and stabilize the vehicle prior to extending the room, check for clearance. Set Park Brake. Ignition Key must be “on”.
  • Open a window or door before extending the room.
  • The room cannot extend if the Excess Slope light is on.
  • On the room extension pad, turn Key to “ON”.
  • The amber indicator light will light when it is ready to operate the slide (bladder seal is indicated to be deflated). Takes about 40 seconds after turning slide key.
  • When the amber light comes on solid, operate the slide.
  • Turn key off after the slide extends (after the slide motor stops), the air bladder will inflate.
  • Turn the key ON and the amber light will come on solid when the bladder is empty and the slide is ready to retract.
  • Hold the Retract switch down until the Red Light goes out and the slide motor turns off.
  • Turn the key counterclockwise to “OFF”
  • The seal will inflate when the KEY is turned “OFF”
  • If the awnings are wet, it is best to tilt the coach and drain water from the awning before pulling the slide in.

Note The motorhome will not go into gear if the room is not fully retracted but if it is a false signal, you can over-ride by going to the bay with the pump and turn t he servo to “220”. Use a screwdriver, top right hand corner of bay.

Note The HWH 2000 CAN system is a computerized modular network that controls all leveling systems and the room extensions. Certain functions only work if the ignition is the ON position or when any room extension control panel key is ON. The network will remain active for 10 minutes after the ignition key and all room extension control panel keys have been turned OFF.